Sharing what you have

Sharing what you have

'Looking after' people

'Looking after' people

Meeting people from overseas and locally

Meeting people from overseas and locally


We love hosting people – it’s sharing what we have and we hope that our guests will love staying with us.
- Phil and Jules, Maia, Dunedin

We love the idea that our guests will get to see the REAL Dunedin.
- Beth and Tom, Roslyn, Dunedin

We've got a 5 bedroom house and it's amazing so many people are travelling to Dunedin for concerts at Forsyth Barr Stadium - it makes sense to help out.
- Tracey and family, Fairfield, Dunedin


At Look After Me, bookings are mostly made by people who might be travelling with their spouse/partner, mother, daughter, sister or friend. Some of our guests are businesswomen coming for work, conferences or sales visits. They are looking for alternatives to hotel rooms which can get a bit lonely.

Guests browse accommodation in our reception area. Guests book the selected rooms and pay in full through our secure payment gateway. We release the funds to our hosts (less our 10% commission).

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Every new host becomes a valued member of our Hosting Team. Wondering how to turn your home into a guest house? We guide you through our simple step-by-step Host Care Programme to ensure you feel confident to Host for us. We also give you our top tips to make your rooms look fantastic.

All new hosts are invited to enjoy our customised printing service. We can help you create personalised compendium covers, letter box signs and business cards.


or call the founder, Julia Anne, directly at 0800 526 123